We are what we eat.

Food has a powerful effect. What we eat has a lot to do with how healthy we are. Eating is important for survival, yet it is much less important than other things such as air and water. We can live for quite a long time without eating.

Traditional cultures had no choice but to eat organic food. There was no other option. Modern chemicalized food is responsible for a decrease in food quality and the health of our topsoil. We must return to more sustainable methods of agriculture if we are able to support growing populations.

Artificial food is nasty!

Ancient cultures had to eat more of a diet based upon their local surroundings. When you eat food that is local to your climate, it puts you in greater harmony with your environment and has an effect that supports living where you are.

Much of modern degenerative disease is caused in part by extreme and processed diets. A more balanced and natural diet is a great prevention from illness. Much of what modern understanding calls sickness is actually just the body's attempt to overcome lousy eating.

These days, my diet mostly adheres to the Weston Price Recommendations, blended with raw and macrobiotic foods.

Authored by Andrew Vavrek

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