Hacking Misunderstood

Hacking is not about criminal acts.

Hacking is about learning, empowerment, and sharing knowledge about high technology.

The power-hungry corporate mass media is responsible for the chaos surrounding this word.

Calling hackers criminals is like calling auto mechanics and locksmiths car thieves.

Hacking skill could be used for criminal purposes, just like a locksmith could break into peoples houses, but this does not mean that locksmiths are outlaws.

Locksmiths perform a very valuable function in society.

This essay is my opinion of how sharing knowledge about advanced and even "potentially criminal" technology is a benefit to all.

First of all, we do not exist to blindly submit to our creations.

We invent technological systems and laws for our benefit. Correct?

We must all collectively decide appropriate uses of technology, with great diversity taken into account.

Yet, when systems that we have invented do not serve the us, they must be dismantled or defied. It is our duty to continuously question what we have created.

What if our systems run amok?  What if we get locked out?  Call the experts!

High technology and the mass media are major dominant forces in our current modern scene.

Those few (and fewer) companies who control mass media forces yield enough power to create cultures, societies, lifestyles, and essentially "make up our minds."

With recent trends, technology is closing in on the ability to create bodies as well.

It may be just a matter of time before every aspect of human life could be planned, manufactured, programmed, and controlled by a handful of leaders.

The best interests of humanity are not often served in the hands of individuals who base their values upon selfishness and greed.

Yet unfortunately it seems that selfishness and greed are often prerequisites to attaining higher positions that dominate our current global power structure.

The 'common' people must have power too. Power must also be in the hands of the people.

Our ability to understand and control the forces that dictate our lives is absolutely critical to liberty.

Hackers are one of the best examples of local power.

Hackers are a global force against tyrannical oppression.

People who are active in discovering and sharing technological information freely are vital to our collective well being.

Did you know that creators of Apple are called HACKERS ???

Know why? Because they are creative.

Hacking is about being creative.

May this great work continue to flourish ::

Authored by vavrek

You are free to copy, distribute, and alter this information as long as you allow everyone else to do the same. You know the score.