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Of the pathogenic bacteria, the genus Salmonella is significant because it contains species causing typhoid fever, paratyphoid, and gastrointestinal disturbances. Another genus of bacteria, Shigella, causes dysentery. Myobacteria cause tuberculosis (see Table 7.4). However, according to Gotaas, pathogenic bacteria "are unable to survive temperatures of 55°-60°C for longer than 30 minutes to one hour." 16

Table 7.4


Bacteria Disease Symptomless Carrier?
Campylobacter Diarrhea yes
E. coli Diarrhea yes
Salmonella typhi Typhoid fever yes
Salmonella paratyphi Paratyphoid fever yes
Other Salmonellae Food poisoning yes
Shigella Dysentery yes
Vibrio cholerae Cholera yes
Other Vibrios Diarrhea yes
Yersinia Yersiniosis yes

Source: Feachem et al., 1980

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