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The Humanure Handbook

A Guide to Composting Human Manure

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Table Of Contents:

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Reader Feedback From The First Edition

0 - The Beginning

1 - Crap Happens

2 - Waste Not Want Not

3 - Microhusbandry

4 - Deep Sh*t

5 - A Day In The Life Of A Turd

6 - Composting Toilets And Systems

7 - Worms And Disease

8 - The Tao Of Compost (*how to do it!)

9 - Alternative Grey Water Systems

10 - The End Is Near



Appendix 1: Temperature Conversions
Appendix 2: Sources of Wetland Plants
Appendix 3: US State Regulations


Other Goodies:

Join a discussion with your fellow humanure composters!

PalmOS file in DOC format: Chapter 8: Tao of Compost

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Copyright 1999, Joseph C. Jenkins

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