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Mass Media

Many of us have been oppressed.  Maybe we have been totally unaware of it.  This oppression has not been motivated by evil.  This oppression has been due to ignorance and greed.

Many of us live in homes where the television is constantly on and acts as the center of the household.  Major newspapers and magazines are often the source of news.  Mainstream movies and music are a the key forms of culture.  All of these media have one thing in common: 

They are all owned and controlled by a small and shrinking number of corporations who want to sell us products.

Selling things in itself is not harmful.  Taken to a greedy extreme and combined with vastly powerful technology,  selling things has become very harmful indeed.

The bulk of the world population has been cut off from any valuable information and is being continuously fed destructive propaganda instead.  This is not a conspiracy.  This is called "marketing."

This is not brain-washing. This is called "market management."

The mass media is controlled by advertising. The interests of profit dominate practically everything they create.  If you pay attention, this is actually very easy to see.

If you are reading an article or watching a program, pay close attention to what advertisements are involved and what information is being given, or even not given. Connections become very clear.

If a particular advertiser has invests in a particular media, they can and do censor competition, omit "un-profitable" information, or blatantly promote their own interests. These days, little boundry exists between news, entertainment, or advertising.

Multinational corporations have driven themselves into the heart of mainstream culture and they manufacture this culture for their own benefit.

Religions surrounding products emerge and fall away just like the disposable products themselves.

The most vulnerable and profitable targets are the youth.

Due to a lack of experience, young people often have a less developed sense of critical discrimination.

Part of the beauty and wisdom of youth is that it tends to openly accept and adapt to surroundings. It is exactly these traits that are exploited.

Yet, this vulnerable, open mind is not merely a quality of the young. This open mind is a universal trait all of us share. It is often called the "subliminal mind."

The use of subliminal motivation technology has exploded in recent years.

I tell you, it is everywhere.

Here is a taste. (Pun intended.)

Here are two books on this topic that I highly recommend:

The Age of Manipulation - a powerhouse look at how subliminal technology is created and used
by Wilson Bryan Key, PH.D.
Published by Madison Books

The Media Monopoly - a study of how fewer and fewer companies are gaining control of more and more media
by Ben H. Bagdikian
Published by Beacon Press

And here is a video that I highly recommend:

Manufacturing Consent - a fantastic video featuring Noam Chomsky's empowering views
Created by Necessary Illusions

Lets make up our own minds!

[obey your TV!]

Authored by vavrek

You are free to copy, distribute, and alter this information as long as you allow everyone else to do the same.

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