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weblife.org mission

weblife.org is a project to enable a thriving future for us all.

this network is a place to focus on solutions for our most basic needs.

here you will find practical information regarding alternative technologies, educational videos, creative writing, art, music, philosophy, and poetry, all for free download, copying, and sharing.

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do you have anything you want to share with this world?

email: vavrek@vavrek.com

weblife.org foundation

the intention of this site is to build a free 'instruction manual for living on planet earth'.

this manual would start from total scratch, as if some human were just on a piece of land somewhere, starting with nothing and building a comfortable and creative life.

with the author's permission, i first began creating web pages out of the humanure handbook, which i felt was about as 'ground zero' as anyone could get.

the main focus of weblife is anything that involves practical living, especially if it is free or inexpensive.

weblife.org design is minimal and simple, intended to be used with older machines and more easily accessed by poorer nations.

you're welcome to submit any kind of material!

if you can think of any book that should be included, please ask permission from the author to publish it online.

remember that some authors are unable to post their book on the web because of their publisher's rights.

most every author asked, has agreed.

weblife is your life!

our life.

whatever we wish to share. :)