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Paper Mâchè Creative Activity

Paper-Mâchè :: A material, made from paper pulp or shreds of paper mixed with glue or paste, that can be molded into various shapes when wet and becomes hard and suitable for painting and varnishing when dry.

[French : papier, paper; see paper + mch, past participle of mcher, to chew (from Old French maschier, from Latin masticre. See masticate).]


This is easy for kids and they can do it on their own with little supervision.

Experiment with molds and colors to expand your imagination.

Ingredients ::

Directions ::

Mix flour and water in a large bowl (2 cups of each is a good amount with which to start) until it makes a smooth paste. Dip in the newspaper strips, one at a time, remove the excess paste from your fingers and lay the coated newspaper on the form to be papier mâchèd. Smooth out the wrinkles and continue to place coated newspaper over the surface until completely covered. When the surface has totally dried, paint your own design using acrylic or poster paint.

Form to Make a Pig Shape ::

Use a plastic water or soda bottle, poking in golf tees for legs, and taping on cutout triangles from a cardboard tube for ears. For the finishing touch, add a spring for the curly tail.

Form to Make a Sunburst Piñata ::

Tape paper cone-shaped drinking cups around the circumference of an inflated balloon. After the papier mâchè has dried, cut a slit in the back and stuff in the treats and trinkets, cover and tape the opening closed, then paint.

Form to Make a Papier Mâchè Self-Portrait ::

Carefully mold heavy duty aluminum foil around your face being sure to press around your chin, eyes, forehead, and mouth. If you wear glasses, leave them on. Then stuff the inside of the mold with dry newspaper to give it some support while you work. Cover the front of the "molded face" with papier mâchè. Allow to dry and then paint and decorate with your likeness or any design.


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